Interior Detail

Price: $160.00 and up

  • Vacuum all seats and carpets.
  • Shampoo and clean seats, carpets and floor mats.
  • Water extraction of all dirt with heavy duty cleaning solution.
  • Clean all vents, trim, and electronic components.
  • Professionally clean and condition leather, vinyl, and plastic.
  • Remove all unwanted stickers.
  • Clean interior glass and mirrors.
  • Vacuum and clean trunk.

Exterior Detail

Price: $180.00 and up

  • Chemically clean door and trunk jambs.
  • Remove bugs, tar, oil and road debris.
  • Scrub tires and whitewalls.
  • Meticulously clean rims or wheel covers.
  • Restore painted surface to" Like new" condition. with Machine polisher
  • Apply high gloss polish to painted surface for exceptional, glass like shine with machine polisher.
  • Protect paint from sun and elements with a premium hybrid ceramic wax.
  • Apply silicone tire treatment for superior protection and shine.
  • Clean and polish chrome.
  • Clean exterior glass.
  • Detail all cracks, crevices, seams and door moldings.

Complete Detail

Price: $260.00 and up

  • Complete Exterior and Interior Detailing with engine and trunk services.

Professional Engine
Detailing Service

Price: $40.00 and up

  • Chemically degrease and steam clean entire engine and compartment.
  • Clean & wash hood panel and surrounding trim.
  • Apply silicone engine treatment for superior protection and shine.

Ceramic Paint Sealant
The Once a year sealant for your paint

Price: $400.00 and up

Includes complete Exterior Detail plus one coat of ceramic paint sealant valued at $160. Build up additional coats for $40 per coat.
  • Up to 12 month protection for your vehicle's paint finish.
  • Sealants Form a cross-linking film over the surface of the paint, creating a durable barrier on the surface. Sealants are comprised of polymers and amino functional silicones. After application, a 4 hour curing period is given for protection. Additional coats can be applied for super high luster and added durability.

Itemized Services

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning $60.00 and up
Express Hand Wax
Includes Full Service Wash
$60.00 and up
Vinyl Protectant
Dash, Console, Doors, Etc.
Floor Mat Shampoo Only $3.00 per mat

Additional Services

Professional Body Work & Painting By Estimate
Window Tinting By Estimate
Chip & Scratch Touch-ups By Estimate
Leather & Vinyl Repair/ Dye By Estimate
Repair Carpet Burns/Rips By Estimate
Overspray Removal By Estimate
Rail Dust / Acid Rain Removal By Estimate
Road Paint / Cement / Bug / Sap / Tar removal By Estimate